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Untrained Melodies inspired by the songs of Chris de Burgh

Untrained Melodies Interactive CD-ROM for PC -

Q: Can I play the Interactive CD-ROM on my Apple Macintosh ?
A: No sorry, currently the Untrained Melodies disk will only work on a Windows based PC.

Q:I have Windows 95 on my PC, will the CD-ROM still work?
A: Yes, the CD-ROM should work with all the Windows operating systems


Q: I have inserted the CD-Rom into the PC and nothing happened.
A: The CD-ROM should Autorun after a few seconds, if the enhanced CD does not Autorun, click START then RUN and type
D:/chigh1.exe   then press OK. (Replacing the letter 'D' with the letter associated with your CD drive.)

Q: I can't hear any sound on the CD.
A: Firstly check your computer speakers are connected properly and also check that the volume is not turned down on your computer.
If the problem persists, firstly try the disk on another PC before contacting our support department.

Q: How long will it take me to get through the whole CD?
A: Not only is there text from Chris de Burgh himself on the disk, there are interviews with the Author and his personal inspirational process, info about the visually impaired , there are 4 hours 15 min of stories to listen to. So... It will take quite a while!

Q: Everything is slowing down while running the disk, what is happening?
A: The CD-ROM will run best if you close down any other applications that you might have open.

Q: What is the recommended screen setting to best enjoy this CD-ROM?
A: The recommended screen setting is 1024 X 768 although it will also look good at 800 X 600.


Untrained Melodies - the full interactive experience is available now! ORDER YOUR COPY ONLINE


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