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Untrained Melodies Interactive CD-ROM for PC

"A special hello to Chris High! He’s doing some fantastic work. He has been putting together a CD-Rom of ideas and stories based on my own songs. And he is raising money for blind people. It’s a wonderful idea and everybody reading this website should try and contact him to see if they can help out by maybe buying some of his stories on CD-Rom. It’s a great idea."
Chris de Burgh quotes about the stories

- With thanks to Chris de Burgh 2004

“I am delighted to have been asked to write a foreword to this exciting and imaginative project..”
With thanks to Chris de Burgh 2003

Untrained Melodies : 12 short stories inspired by the songs of Chris de Burgh by Chris High - CUSTOMER REVIEWS
Author and freelance writer Chris High
"Having now received my CD Rom I have to say it's a real bargain. There is so much work not least on the stories but also on the interactive side. It always amazes me to see how much some people are willing to put into a project they believe in,

particularly where a charity is involved and this is no exception. What makes it so much more special is the fact it is so different from anything else I've ever come across. Well done everyone involved."
With thanks to Linda Howitt.

Hi Chris,
here are my comments for the rest of the stories.
Conviction - a good story, I like your interpretation
Endgame - Good, I could easily imagine Blair & Bush in the space station pressing the button!
Favour - Brilliant! I can say no more.
Glory - I read this after I watched the D-Day stuff on TV, very true!
Harvey - Just a verbose repeat of the song.
Here - Nice short, short story. A good interpretation
Passage - Fantastic!
Searching - a good interpretation of the song.
Utopia - the theme and arguements sounded familliar to me, I think I've
read something similar before.
I am finding listening to your narration with its background sounds is
better than just reading the words.
Good luck with the project!

With thanks to Kevin Whittington.

"I AM SO IMPRESSED by the sheer professionalism of the CD-Rom."
With thanks to Diane Perry.

"I'm enjoying the the Untrained Melodies C.D. ROM very much. It's brilliant!"
With thanks to Chris Raymond.

"Incredible work, Chris, easy to navigate for a visually impaired (like myself), impressive stories!"
With thanks to Chris Eggert.

"Chris, what more can I say? You are a genuine package of talent! I have never (and I have been entertained by many) had a more enjoyable, pleasant because, it was fun, time in my life!! Thank you, and all your dear friends that encouraged you to share this talent. You have helped the partially sighted/blind (I say this because, they can just sit back and listen to you tell your stories) this - Chris - is very special indeed."
With thanks to Jeri Neufeld.

is designed for use also by the visually impaired.

Sales of the CD-Rom will not only raise money for the Liverpool charity - THE HENSHAWS SOCIETY but the CD itself has been designed to have ease of use by the visually impaired - MORE DETAILS HERE.
Untrained Melodies Interactive CD-Rom for PC

Untrained Melodies - the full interactive experience is available now! MORE INFORMATION or ORDER YOUR COPY ONLINE

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“Writing gets me away for a while' from this world and into one where I, alone, can make or
break the rules as I see fit.” - Chris High 2003.
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