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After nearly 30 years as a recording artist, Chris de Burgh has established himself as one of the best loved and yet at the same time most mysterious of superstars. A catalogue of well many fine albums performed at hundreds of concerts around the world define the style that is - Chris de Burgh.

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This section of is for the fans and fans to be of Chris de Burgh. Check out some of the amazing things here including:

Who is Chris de Burgh?
A fascinating insight from the author Chris High.

Chris de Burgh - A Child is Born
This truly amazing 2 minute video shows Chris de Burgh morphing from a baby to the present day - awesome!

Chris de Burgh - This is Your Life
The full quotes from the UK British TV show featuring Chris de Burgh in 1992.

Chris de Burgh - Album Covers Game
How well do you know the CdeB album covers? Why not test yourself here.

Chris de Burgh - Picture Puzzles
Rearrange these 5 CdeB single covers online - dynamic puzzles.

Chris de Burgh - Competition
Fancy winning yourself a signed photo of CdeB? Why not give it a try?

Chris de Burgh - Links
We've scanned the Internet to bring you some of the best CdeB websites.

The Untrained Melodies Interactive CD-Rom

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This amazing new CD-Rom containing 12 short stories in a full multimedia production is designed for ease of use for both fully sighted and visually impaired. Read, print or just listen to these fascinating tales narrated by the author - Chris High.

Untrained Melodies - the full interactive experience is available now!

More Information about the CD-Rom

Order your copy of Untrained Melodies CD-Rom

Quote from Chris High in 2003 “Writing gets me away for a while' from this world and into one where I, alone, can make or break the rules as I see fit.”



The Untrained Melodies Interactive CD-Rom

Information about Chris High

The Henshaws Society for blind people

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