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more details on how the CD-ROM works.

This site is designed for the visually impaired, If your browser allows, you can use the TAB key to navigate between links and then the ENTER key to select.

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This Interactive CD-Rom has been designed for use on a PC by both the fully sighted and visually impaired.
Simply insert the CD-Rom into your PC and it should autorun the title sequence. An intoductory voice explains the menu command of 'press the enter key to access the eight available options'.

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Most sections on the CD-Rom have automatic audio inserts.
Keys 1-7 will each take you deeper into the contents of this Interactive experience.
For example - Key 2 and you have an audio explanation of how to access the 12 short stories by either by keyboard or mouse.

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All functions on the CD-Rom can be controlled by using just the keyboard.
For example - The narrated stories themselves can be paused and resumed at any time by pressing the P and R buttons.

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The CD-Rom contains a foreword and Interview with the author - Chris High, explanations on the inspiration behind the stories themselves and details on the Henshaws Society and visually impaired.
When you want to exit the CD-Rom, simply press the 'Escape' key.

The Untrained Melodies Interactive CD-Rom

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Link: Frequently asked questions

Link: Online story written by Chris High

Link: Untrained Melodies 2

Untrained Melodies - the full interactive experience is available now!

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Quote from Chris High in 2003 “Writing gets me away for a while' from this world and into one where I, alone, can make or break the rules as I see fit.”


Information about Chris High

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The Henshaws Society for blind people

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