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Introducing...  Steve Bennett and Winsford Multimedia.
Based in Winsford Cheshire UK, Winsford Multimedia create Digital advertising - Enhanced CD's, - Web sites and Video to DVD/VCD transfer

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VIDEO TO DVD TRANSFER... save your Wedding or family videos of lost loved ones.

Have you noticed your treasured video tapes getting worse as time goes by? Video won't last forever, even if it's simply stored away and not even used. Your irreplaceable video tapes could become unplayable in 10 to 15 years unless transferred over to DVD, which is estimated to have a lifespan of 100 years without loss of picture quality.

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INTERACTIVE CD-ROM'S... producing the Untrained Melodies Interactive CD-Rom for PC.

With the enormous growth in the use of PCs, CD-ROM's and the Internet, Enhanced and Interactive CD-ROM is today's easily transported electronic 'document' that can incorporate video, music, photographs, drawings, art, hyperlinks, speech and text onto a single disc.
This amazing digital medium can be used for all sorts of promotions - enhanced music CD, talking books, interactive training manuals, company presentations and lots more..

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WEBSITE DESIGN...  that not only looks good but loads fast  -

A Website allows your business to operate 24 hours a day and serve customers anywhere in the world. It can provide answers to your customers questions, advertise your business and take orders even while you are asleep.
More and more, it is expected that professionals have a web site. Potential customers are actually frustrated and disappointed if you don't!.

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The Untrained Melodies Interactive CD-ROM

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